Advanced Shipping Warranty Replacement Program

You can count on us, as much as you count on our products!

We’re sorry you’re having a problem with your ZOLEO product. Our warranty program will get you a replacement ZOLEO product as quickly as possible, even before you send us back the old one. For more information about our 2-year Limited Warranty, see

Warranty FAQs

What is my ZOLEO warranty?

Your ZOLEO communicator and accessories come with our industry leading 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and include the following benefits:

What is the policy for a warranty repair/claim?

To begin a warranty claim, simply fill in this form and click submit. If you have activated your ZOLEO communicator within the last 2-years, you are likely within your warranty period. Otherwise, you can submit an out of warranty claim (same form). We do not repair out of warranty ZOLEO devices. For out of warranty claims, we provide refurbished devices for purchase at a reduced cost. One of our ZOLEO team members will be in touch with you within 2 business days and guide you through the process.

What is the warranty on my ZOLEO accessories?

Your ZOLEO device and accessories come with our industry leading 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


If you are having trouble with your ZOLEO device, be sure to try these helpful troubleshooting tips. In many cases, this can resolve the issue with your ZOLEO device.

Soft reset

Many times, a soft reset can resolve the issue with your device and no further action is required. Follow the steps in the linked article below to perform a soft reset on your ZOLEO device. (Preforming a Soft Reset on the ZOLEO Device)

Check your battery and signal strength

A common driver of many electronic transmission devices has to do with battery and/or signal strength. Follow the steps in the linked article below to check your battery and signal strength. (Checking ZOLEO Device Battery Level)

Check your firmware version

One of the first things we at ZOLEO check for when helping a customer is the firmware version on the device. Just like your smartphone, your ZOLEO device relies on regular firmware updates to ensure continued optimal operation and functionality. To ensure your device has the latest firmware version installed, follow the steps in the linked article below on how to check and update your device firmware. (Updating ZOLEO Firmware)

What do all the LED lights mean?

There are many different LED light behaviors on your ZOLEO device and each one represents a distinct process, update or activity. For a list of LED light behavior, check our helpful Knowledge Base (ZOLEO LED Indicator Guide)

For additional resources, please visit our Help Center.