Satellite Communication for Remote Forestry Operations

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Seamless Communication and Safety for Foresters

In the challenging world of remote forestry operations, staying connected and safe on the job are top priorities. ZOLEO offers reliable, affordable remote communications tailored to the needs of foresters.

Remove barriers that hinder communication. Equip your team with access to unlimited free check-ins, SOS alerting, non-emergency medical advice, hyper-local weather forecasts and location sharing to mitigate risks and ensure their well-being.

The ZOLEO satellite communicator seamlessly extends the user’s messaging coverage to everywhere on earth, making it the ideal the remote communications solution for forestry operations. ZOLEO prioritizes safety, efficiency, connectivity and employee monitoring in an industry where the stakes are high.

ZOLEO is more than just a satellite messaging device — it's your lifeline in the forest.

Why Choose ZOLEO for Your Forestry Operation?

ZOLEO is perfect for forestry teams that work in remote environments where safety needs to be top of mind. Open lines of communication and equip your team with award-winning satellite communication to mitigate risks and ensure their well-being.

Key benefits of ZOLEO

  • Dedicated ZOLEO SMS number that makes connecting with device users easy
  • Progressive updates that ensure greater peace of mind in emergency scenarios
  • Greater and more detailed messaging through long-form app-to-app messages
  • Simplified, multi-device tracking through a single web-based map view
  • World-wide access to non-emergency medical assistance and advice
  • Option to share devices between employees reduces satellite communication costs

A Standalone Safety Solution for Your Forestry Team

The rugged ZOLEO device offers an added measure of personal security for your team and clients with 200+ hours of battery life and no coverage gaps. Its built-in check-in and SOS alerting buttons enable the ZOLEO device to serve as a self-contained safety solution that works anywhere on the planet, independent of the user's smartphone.

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ZOLEO Track for Improved Situational Awareness

ZOLEO Track improves situational awareness by displaying the location of ZOLEO device users in the field, on a single web-based map.

  • View the last reported location of ZOLEO devices on the account (including up to 100 prior location reports)

  • Share the last reported location of selected devices with others using a secure Share Map URL

  • Assign unique names to devices and filter or search the map by IMEI or name

  • Display locations using topographic, street or satellite views from Mapbox

  • See the speed, altitude and remaining battery percentage from each device’s last reported check-in

  • Review historic location reports including date and time stamps

  • Export data for offline analysis

Get more out of ZOLEO Track with Location Share+

When your account subscribes it’s ZOLEO devices to Location Share+, you can use ZOLEO Track to see track points (path of travel) a detailed breadcrumb trail and SOS events, giving a greater level of insight into the whereabouts and status of users in the field.

Learn more about ZOLEO’s different location sharing options with this helpful infographic.

Global Messaging and Safety for Your Forestry Team

When used with the free app on the user's smartphone or tablet, ZOLEO offers the best global messaging and safety experience available. Messages are automatically transmitted over Iridium® satellite, mobile or Wi-Fi networks, using the lowest-cost network available for seamless coverage and connectivity. Robust safety features like check-in, SOS alerting, non-emergency medical advice, weather forecasts and GPS location sharing give everyone more peace of mind.

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ZOLEO Supports Forestry Operations

ZOLEO is essential for remote forestry teams to ensure safety, stay connected, and support business operations. Tell us about your business and see how ZOLEO can support your forestry team.