Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When would I use ZOLEO?

ZOLEO is designed to work with your phone or tablet, extending your messaging coverage to everywhere on Earth by transmitting messages over the Iridium satellite network when you’re beyond mobile coverage zones, and via cellular or Wi-Fi when available. It is perfect for messaging connectivity in the backcountry, on remote roads, on the oceans, in the Polar Regions, or anywhere in the world where cellular coverage is unavailable or unreliable.

Where do I use ZOLEO?

The ZOLEO device is a satellite-based communicator that is designed to be used outside, where the device has a clear line of sight to the satellites in the sky. ZOLEO can also be placed in the windshield of a vehicle, vessel or aircraft where it has an unobstructed view of the sky.

How does ZOLEO send messages when my device is off?

When your ZOLEO device is turned off and another ZOLEO App user sends you a message, the message will still be delivered via the ZOLEO App on your phone or tablet. This is a bit unique. Other satellite communicators only deliver messages when the device is on and connected to the satellite network.

Do I have to use ZOLEO with a smartphone or tablet?

When the device is used standalone, without the app, ZOLEO supports check-in and SOS alerting via the built-in buttons. ZOLEO needs to be Bluetooth connected with the ZOLEO App on your phone or tablet for two-way messaging, two-way SOS, to receive DarkSky weather forecasts or to share your GPS location in any message.

Why does ZOLEO need an active service plan?

Just like your mobile phone, ZOLEO needs an active service plan in order to transmit messages via the Iridium satellite network. Unlike mobile network providers, with ZOLEO you have the option to suspend your plan when it’s not in use, and you can also change or cancel plans online when needed.

Can I change my service plan throughout the year?

Yes, you can change your plan any time using your online account. You can also suspend or cancel plans any time after the initial minimum term.

What networks does ZOLEO work on?

The ZOLEO device transmits messages via the Iridium satellite network. It is the only network in the world that spans every inch of the Earth to offer coverage over all landmasses, waterways and in the skies. The ZOLEO App also transmits messages via cellular and Wi-Fi when available, ensuring least cost routing for your messages.

Can ZOLEO be used indoors?

The ZOLEO device isn’t intended for use indoors. It is an Iridium-based satellite communicator and therefore needs a clear line of sight with the satellites in the sky in order to transmit messages. The ZOLEO App for smartphones and tablets can be used indoors or outdoors.

Does ZOLEO support voice calls?

ZOLEO does not support voice calling. It is a two-way satellite messaging device. You can use it to exchange messages with any cell/SMS number, email address or another ZOLEO App user.

Can I lend my ZOLEO device to someone else?

Yes, it is easy to lend ZOLEO to a friend or colleague. When you do, your dedicated ZOLEO SMS number and email are associated with the device, and whomever is connected to it at the time. Any usage will be associated with your ZOLEO monthly plan and decremented or charged accordingly.

Who can I communicate with using ZOLEO?

You can communicate with any cell phone number, email address or ZOLEO App user.

Can others message me when I am using ZOLEO outside of mobile coverage?

Yes, if you have shared your dedicated ZOLEO SMS number or email address with them, then your contact can initiate a message directly with you and you’ll receive it even when you’re traveling beyond mobile coverage zones.

Why aren’t my ZOLEO SMS messages delivering to some international recipients?

ZOLEO can send SMS messages to mobile recipients across the globe. However, select countries, including New Zealand, have implemented national SPAM filtering which can interfere with the successful delivery of messages. Blocking is most likely to occur if a message contains a URL and/or phone number. ZOLEO Inc. is working with telecommunication operators around the globe to ensure SMS messages sent via a ZOLEO device are delivered reliably. Please contact ZOLEO support if you suspect your messages are being blocked.

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