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Global Connectivity and Safety at a Price You Can Afford

Global Connectivity and Safety at a Price You Can Afford

ZOLEO is an easy and affordable means of staying in touch with employees that travel in and out of cellular coverage zones. For lone workers at remote sites, business travel or emergency back-up, you can count on ZOLEO to keep everyone connected and safe — wherever work takes them.

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Count on ZOLEO for Seamless
Connectivity at Work

ZOLEO provides global messaging coverage that follows users into the remote field and back. That’s because ZOLEO transmits messages via the Iridium® satellite network, cellular and Wi-Fi, with automatic delivery over the lowest-cost network available. Plus ZOLEO provides users with a dedicated number and email address to share with their contacts, making it easy to send messages from a phone or tablet!

Count on ZOLEO for SeamlessCount on ZOLEO for Seamless
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Connect to ZOLEO and Create Something Amazing

Imagine the possibilities! Use ZOLEO Data Feeds to push your organization's ZOLEO user-generated location data to an enterprise server.

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Connect to ZOLEO and Create Something Amazing

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Standalone Safety Features

Added peace of mind for you and employees

For Added Peace-Of-Mind

Standalone Safety Features

SOS Button

Get help if something goes wrong. Rest assured that the user’s SOS and GPS coordinates will be sent to our expert 24/7 emergency response coordination partner. They’ll confirm their SOS was received and dispatch help. Users can also cancel an SOS if it was a false alarm.

Standalone Safety Features
ZOLEO SOS Emergency App Screen

Use the ZOLEO App to exchange messages with our expert emergency response coordination partner throughout the incident.

Check-in Button

Let supervisors know you’re OK. Simply tap the built-in button on the device or check in via the ZOLEO app. Users’ check-in message can also include their GPS coordinates if desired.

Use the ZOLEO App to exchange messages with our expert emergency response coordination partner throughout the incident.

ZOLEO SOS Emergency App Screen
ZOLEO Check-in Message App Screen

Use the ZOLEO App to check-in or set up your location sharing preferences.

Get Weather Forecasts

Get Weather Forecasts for Any Location

AerisWeather™ is among the only weather applications to provide highly accurate, hyperlocal forecasts for any location within 100 meters of spatial resolution. Available to all subscribers via the free ZOLEO app, its insights help users plan their work or travel in the remote field, or seek shelter when needed. (Transmitted over the Iridium satellite network.)

Each forecast includes:

  • Current conditions: current and apparent temperature, wind speed, wind bearing, visibility, UV index

  • Hourly forecasts for 44 hours*: conditions, temperature, wind speed, wind bearing, expected precipitation (% and millimeters), type of precipitation

  • Daily forecasts for 5 days: conditions, temperature (daily high/low), sunrise, sunset, expected precipitation (% and millimeters), type of precipitation

ZOLEO Weather App Screen

Pain-Free Set up and Deployment

Whether used as a personal device or within a pool shared by employees, ZOLEO is quick to deploy and easy to administer. Employees simply download our free mobile app, use it to connect to the ZOLEO device via Bluetooth and start messaging.

Admins have convenient online accounts to activate, change or suspend ZOLEO subscriptions, and budgetary controls to manage usage. Plus, firmware updates can be easily completed over the air (OTA) via cellular or Wi-Fi networks.

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The LAPD, Air Support Division (ASD), operates 17 helicopters. Its mission is to support the police officers on the ground and to reduce the fear and incident of crime for the community of Los Angeles. The flight profiles often take our crews out of normal cell tower range, making it difficult to communicate pertinent information with personnel on the ground. The introduction of ZOLEO into the aircraft allows crew members to maintain communication with ground personnel which aids in the successful apprehension of suspects while keeping our officers safe.

Los Angeles Police Dept, Air Support Division
Global Connectivity and Safety at a Price You Can Afford

I put my trust in the ZOLEO satellite communicator for reliable text and email communication wherever I need it. Our mission is to provide patient care anywhere — often where there’s no cell coverage. With ZOLEO, my team and I can easily communicate patients’ conditions, request additional resources and determine the location of the most appropriate hospital to treat their injuries. This correspondence is vital to the success of our mission. We feel more secure knowing that all our TEAAM Aeromedical bases are equipped with ZOLEO.

Jordan Lawrence, Vice President and Operational TEAAM Aeromedical Paramedic

Learn How ZOLEO Has Brought TEAAM Aeromedical to New Heights

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